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Author - Mahaajana

2021 – Vikaasa Desi Skills Foundation – New Year Celebration.

Video Editing

2021 – Vikaasa Desi Skills Foundation New Year Celebration, Video Editing Basic Designed and Developed by Our Team. YouTube Link : https://youtu.be/IyYfQfNDjZg For Editing and Colour Grading Solutions Kindly Contact Our Team : WhatApp #TeamIncredibleMission #Vikaasa_Desi_Skills_Foundation #Graamoddhaara_Kendra

Party Freak – Title Basic Draft Designed and Developed By Mahaajana Group – Incredible Mission

Video Editing

Namasthe Karnataka, We get an Opportunity to Work with Party Freak Crew. Special Thanks to Punith Kalkunda for the Best Believe Opportunity. Party Freak Title Was Basic Designed and Drafted By Kaushik Mahajan Editor and Colourist At Mahaajana…