Birthday Wishes

Namasthe Bharatha

• We will Edit with Both Images and Video Clip also

• Kindly Provide Selected Images or Video Clips through WhatsApp, Mail or Pendrive.
✔︎ Best Method is : Mail or USB Flash Drive (Pendrive)

• Kindly Let us Know how Video Should initiate or Look, We Share some basic Templates

• Kindly Draft and Discuss How Video Should Initiate, Story Board with Our team – Before the Editing Work initiate.

• Our Team will Work with Both images and Video Clips.

• Our Team Also select the Music or If You are Selected the Music Already we will place that music in the Visuals.

• Kindly Check our Recent Birthday Wishes Video in this YouTube Link :

• Editing Timeline For Birthday Wishes Is : 2-3 Days. From the Day of Finalisation.

• Dhanyavada

– Happy Editing 🙂 Team Mahaajana Group.

2,350.00 1,800.00



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